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Our Story

CBD Owner Outer Banks

Gina elko, From Firefighter to CBD Advocate

Welcome to House of Hemp OBX! I'm Gina Elko, and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you.


After undergoing bilateral knee surgery that led to my retirement from a 22-year firefighting career, I discovered the remarkable healing properties of CBD.


Not only did it help me recover, but it also revitalized my health and bolstered my immune system.


Fueled by this transformative experience, I founded House of Hemp OBX in Kill Devil Hills to provide others with access to organic, non-GMO hemp-derived CBD and THC products.


My mission is to offer a natural approach to individual health and wellness, inspired by my own journey of healing and thriving.


Join us in exploring the power of CBD and embracing a holistic path to well-being!

my commitment to the community

At House of Hemp OBX, I'm more than just a business owner—I'm a fellow traveler on the path to wellness.


Delving into the intricate dance between CBD and the immune system isn't just about my own journey; it's about sharing the possibilities with anyone who needs it.


I love engaging with customers, chatting about their needs, and helping them discover the perfect CBD solution, whether it's for a specific ailment or simply to boost their immune system.


My goal is simple: to see others thrive just as I have.


As a local businesswoman deeply rooted in my community, I'm constantly exploring the potential of CBD and its profound impact on our resilience.


So, if you're seeking support and vitality on your wellness journey, know that you've got a friend and guide here at House of Hemp OBX.

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